About This Blog

For more than eight years J H Hatfield has been working on the solution to the riddles embedded in Greek scripture, including the four canonical gospels with which so many are familiar from translations.

The outcome is "Why Call Me God?", a book which could change the way you think about God, about the Christian church... even about yourself.

This is because the book explains, perhaps for the first time in centuries, the ancient 'mystery' concealed behind the text of the Christian gospels at the time they were first composed.

In the process it becomes clear that the deeply challenging message of the gospel is not what the Christian churches say; it is something very different.

The author is aware that some people may find this book difficult because of what it points out. But others may be delighted at what they learn.

Using this blog, the author should be able comment on any issues which arise... and will of course seek to clear up any confusion of which he becomes aware.

Wednesday 22 April 2009

Getting started

This is the first blog entry.

The book is due for publication in Britain in September 2009 - by specialist publisher Capabel Press.

The website for the book is at www.whycallmegod.com. There you can learn some more about it. You can even read the whole of the first chapter.